Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Talking Tree

The First and Mary-Anne upped pace, a smile grew on the Squirrels face
Fore she could see no single trace or fear or anguish just his grace
Now far behind their desert base, now all around Enchanted place
The First and Mary-Anne did race, the trees grew thick no room or space

The Forest darkened a noise rang out, an Oak ahead pushed out a snout
Hello he said, now please don’t doubt I talk it’s true but never shout
I don’t speak much don’t like to flout, my poor roots hurt I’m plagued with gout
I see you’ve brought your own girl scout, now have a drink ahead’s a drought

The First he turned to Mary Anne she simply laughed, It’s the Oak Man!
A man of Oak that’s who I am, no ceremony just called me Dan
I’d rather that I’m sure you can, now stand in front I need to scan
I’ll be a while get out your pan you’ll need to eat. Is that a flan?

The First he was struck dumb, he couldn’t think his thoughts were numb
A tree that spoke now that was rum and with a thud sat on his bum
Now Mary Anne looked far from glum, she hugged the tree like an old chum
Go on Dan, she tapped her thumb, tell him your tale The Tale of Plumb