Saturday 9 March 2013

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

What a cheek!

They've had a lie in this morning which is very rare for Stay daddy. Both up late Disappears was out last night and he came home not feeling very well. He said he thinks he's caught a fly from the girl. Well that's what I think he said I couldn't quiet understand he sounded all bunged up. I think I would be too if I'd eaten a fly anyway that's not really the point.

So Stay came down with me and left Disappears asleep and River running around upstairs quiet nice as it meant we got some alone time. I wish he hadn't bothered he spoilt the whole thing.

He opened the blinds, turned on the TV and then went to feed Alo but he couldn't see her. He looked all around her home tapping on the glass but no sign. He then turned to me and asked if I'd eaten her!

Flipping heck what every happened to being innocent until proved guilty!  Of course I would never have touched Alo she's my friend there's no way that I would do such a thing.

Eventually he found her tucked up in the corner behind some reeds. At least he apologised but that's not really the point actually I'm a bit hurt by that.

What a way to start the day accused of cannibalism of a family member.