Thursday 7 March 2013

That Girl Has Got Some Attitude On Her Today

I'm furious!

Daddy went downstairs to give River her lunch. I knew he'd be a while he can't help but spend time playing with her when he's around her. I guess I have had him all day so I didn't begrudge some time to her.

So I went out to the back bedroom to have a little look around and see how the weather was out there and to see if there was any Cat action going on. 

Well yes there was!

I spotted the lighter Naughty Twin knock over one of daddies plant pots and then walk all along the back wall. Now bless him he tries he puts in lots of effort with all of those kind of things even if half of them never grow and half that do turn out to be something very different to what he thought they were going to be but he tries.

I thought I must have been seeing things it was so blatant but no according to her attitude it was real. She walked right up to the Swinging Heart of Love and knocked it with her shoulder as she passed and it swung around widely. I screamed out at her but the window was closed and I don't think she heard me.

That girl has got some attitude on her today she needs to calm herself down. In any instance I shall be giving her a piece of my mind next time I see her and I moaned at daddy when he came back up but again he just can't always understand me.