Thursday 7 March 2013

Not Giving Away I Can Speak Human

Oh this morning has been fantastic I've had daddy all to myself.

Yesterday he wasn't feeling very well and spent most of it on the sofa cuddled up with River. I'm usually the one he cuddles up to when he's off colour but I couldn't really do that as she's a jumping up at you little thing and no one would have got any peace and rest if I had tried to butt in and that wouldn't have helped daddy recover quickly.
Still things are back to normal today and he's back in our office and I'm getting all the attention.
Oh we've talked about so much this morning. 

Emma's new game of playing on car roofs, daddy spotted that one. The varying time of the postman's deliveries, the drizzling rain and the progress of the little Lemon Tree which I must admit is doing very well. I wonder if we'll get any Lemon's this year?

Oh it's so lovely just to chew the cud spending the morning talking about nothing much in particular. I felt like I wanted to tell daddy about my date with George but he can't understand cat and I'm certainly not giving away that I can speak human.