Tuesday 5 March 2013

Point Made Very Clearly

It's a beautiful day here in Catworld today. The sun is shining Rivers out in the back garden playing whatever little games it is that she finds so fascinating and a point has been made very clearly in Catworld.
Mogsie was enjoying some of this glorious weather on his garage roof. The lighter Naughty Twin was enjoying the same but on the other side of the road on AM's step.

It was obvious they had seen each other. The look on Mogsies face said his brain was ticking, the look on the lighter Naughty Twin's face said puzzled.
Mogsie jumped off the roof, down onto the fence and walked purposely over the road. The lighter Naughty Twin alerted herself and got ready to go over to him.

Mogsie walked the long way around daddies car and the lighter Naughty Twin jumped onto the wall to get nearer.

He walked right around the car right in front of her without even acknowledging she was even there. Oh dear there's no need for bad manners but I guess he was trying to make something very clear to her.

Poor thing looked crestfallen.