Sunday 10 March 2013

The Best Mothers Day

Today is not just the day after the night before it's also a very important date, doubly important in this household.

It's Mothers Day!

I remember nanny very well I got to spend lots of time with her. If she were a cat she would have been the Cat Queen of the World she was such a lover and protector of us. Through the years many of us came to live with her and experience her special kind of love.

The first cat that was lucky to live with her searched her out when she was a little girl of about 7 a present from her own mummy and daddy. Then followed Sally, Smokie, Lucy and Misty. Evie, Charlie and I were her surrogate children too and she showered the same love on us as she did on anyone she came across.

When she passed Smokie came to live with me and Evie but I think his heart was broken as he passed himself just three months later.

It's amazing to think of the time that's passed since she was here I can hardly believe it. I know how I feel so goodness only knows how daddy does but he's just like his mum a tough, practical one and just gets on with things but I know it can't be easy. Luckily he's got Disappears around to look after him and after some hideous battle that took place with a wicked witch we now all live together in our own Land of Oz, a land full of memories.

We're luckier than most though as nanny and grandad still come and visit us. We all feel their presence around us breezes on the stairs, shadows in the kitchen, whistles from grandad and the sound of nanny clearing her throat. Little glittering hearts popping up in the most unexpected places. We've even heard Smokies little bell ringing a few times. It just goes to prove they never really leave you.

When nanny went away he found a little poem that she used to carry around after grandad went and he read it out on that day. We all love and miss her.

Though you're no longer with me
Everyday I find
In one way or another
You're back there in my mind
I might hear a piece of music
And at once my mind is stirred
Back to the treasured moment
The two of us have shared
I never try to stop them
I let them just flow through
It's just my way of spending time
Once again with you