Sunday, 24 March 2013

The Buddha Moved

Are my eyes deceiving me? No the Buddha was in a different place.

I was startled I wasn't expecting that! Although thinking about it I don't know why I should be surprised things around here are always swapping around. There's hardly a chance to get your bearings before one thing or another moves to a place that it wasn't before.

I turned away from the the Buddha now sitting above me looking out all serene and peaceful. 

I've been brought up to listen to yourself when things appear to be.... well out of sinc as it's probably your inner voice that's trying to get you to listen to it. Sometimes to forewarn of danger and sometimes just to get you to clarify your thoughts so that you can understand the way forward, the path you should take.

My path ahead was to get over to the other side of this River slumbering quietly in front of me without disturbing it and to arrive safely on the other side. Just sitting here waiting for something to happen was not a viable option.

How am I to achieve this? Listen a voice inside me said, listen to what your gut is telling you. 

It was telling me that if I made as much as a single sound this River would wake once more and come after me and I needed to get past it without incident. This would be a perilous journey but I knew if I stayed where I was now then I would be in danger it was getting colder and colder all around me.

I looked up the sky was getting heavier, it looked like snow was rolling in. It had been falling I could see throughout the land and although it hadn't quite reached me here I didn't want to just sit and wait for it, goodness knew what chaos it would bring.

If I leaped really high I could bound over before being trapped here for goodness only knew how long, so with my courage in my heart I prepared.

Right on three I would go. I began to rock getting the juice of my adrenaline flowing to my joints.

One....Two....Three,  and I was off.

As if by magic my feet sprang into action and I was off higher than I had ever remembered before, high into the air right over the River below me still silently slumbering and within the split of a second I was on the other side.

Phew that's better a clear path ahead of me. I headed forward again, no obstacles in my way that I could see. I was glad to leave that place I'd felt so trapped and ahead I could feel the warm glow of a fire. Yes that's where I should be heading towards the warmth and away from the cold. I could rest a bit and get my bearing's it had been a difficult journey and I had no idea what lay ahead of me today.

However sometimes it's just not the right time no matter what you feel you need to it. I heard a sound on the wind and I ran to get a closer look. Coming from the bushes I heard a very familiar call and there hidden in the bushes I could see two little eyes looking back it was the call of a cat. Oh here we go what does she want and what's she doing in there?