Sunday 3 March 2013

Absolutely Charming

A few minutes after M moved away Mogsie made sure she wasn't watching and got up, shook his coat free of pahtway dust and looked in my direction.

He settled on the rockery his head turned slightly away from me.

OK I thought he's about to say something but no he just sat there for a couple of minutes.

I became puzzled, what was he up to? The look on his face said he was concentrating.

OK I'll wait.

I waited.

He stared forward concentrating.

I waited some more. This was getting silly say something or go away.

Finally some movement he shuddered looked in my direction, turned his head away and walked straight off without saying anything. I can see now why he was concentrating so much.

Well that's absolutely charming. Guessing I'm not Mrs Popular at the moment.