Friday 15 March 2013


I've been doing a lot of thinking recently about all the relationships between us cats in Catworld. They can be complicated sure with fall outs occurring & friendships formed, fights and make ups, love affairs and teasing but there's one thing no matter what that's consistent. We all interact with each other.

However there is one who recently has seemed to me to be different, Emma. Whenever I've seen her recently she's almost always been on her own. She seems to be withdrawing from the group, hey she even recently left home and moved in with M & R.

It's got me thinking why? I mean what's going on with her? I do hope she's OK as she seems withdrawn and not at all like she was even just six months ago.

This makes me sad and I've made a decision I'm going to spend some time getting to know her. If she wants to be on her own that's one thing but I can't bear the thought that anyone feels lonely. Thank goodness she's got M & R looking out for her.