Sunday, 24 March 2013

Buried Treasures

I've been watching the lighter Naughty Twin on and off all day as she's been acting very curiously.

I couldn't really work out what she was up to but every now and then her head popped up from the most unusual of places. She was on her own and appeared to be searching for something.

The daddies have just taken River out and I'd not been out all day so I ventured downstairs and went out into the back garden just as her head popped up from somewhere behind the sunshine shed.

Is everything OK, I shouted out.

Yes, she replied. I'm looking for buried treasures.

BURIED TREASURES wow how exciting! I wanted to ask her more but just like a little rabbit her head dropped down again and she disappeared from sight. Brilliant there's buried treasures around here I must find out more.