Friday 1 March 2013


Oh that poor M I've just seen what she has to put up with sometimes.

George, Sarah and the lighter Naughty Twin have all been buzzing around her front door for the past 20 minutes or so. Up on the cars, over the car, under the car, jumping on the garage roof to try and peer in, George even knocked on the front door.

It would have driven me mad. The impatience of them waiting for lunch was palpable. Not one of them I may add actually live there.

I will say at least Sarah stepped back a little and wasn't acting too irritated at having to wait. I also lip read her telling the lighter Naughty Twin to have a bit of patience it was coming.

M opened the door, Emma flew out like a bat out of hell and the others tried there best to trip M up as she came out with their lunch. She must have the patience of a saint herself.

I do hope they thank her properly for all she does for them. Maybe a Dreamy or something like that left on the door step would be a nice gesture.