Monday 11 March 2013


Snow days mean lazy days in this house. 

Disappears has been in and out of bed all day still trying to shift his fly.

Stay was up with me in the office until he went out to get some sipping lemons and to take River for a walk. Bless her she does love the snow I watched her going mental up the road and there's been no sighting of any cats anywhere. Boring.

Daddy however has had a bit of a tidy up and has moved Alo away from the window to make sure the sun doesn't turn her water green as apparently this is something that can happen with fish worlds. Seems very strange to me cause the sea isn't all green and that's out in the sun all the time.

It's obviously a good thing for her but not so good for me as I now have to really stretch to get a drink from her fountain.  Still mustn't complain gives me a bit of exercise on the days I can't get out.