Tuesday 26 March 2013

Better To Get It Right Than Fast

I've been waiting all afternoon for George or Sarah to turn up and finally Sarah popped up.

Daddy and River were both out so I ran outside and called her over and we went around the back to have a little chat.

Item number one in the agenda George.

So how's it going? she asked a big smile crossing her face.

What do you mean? I tried to act all coy but found myself smiling back.

You know he really does like you!

Well talk about calling it as you see it but it was what I wanted to find out. This whole dating game is something I must admit I am not that used to. There was none of that with Charlie and the girls dad but I guess that's the difference between city cats and country cats. The city one's that I've had dealings with were very blunt and to the point. No dating as such just action which isn't really my style at all.

Where is he? I asked. He was supposed to be coming over this afternoon.

Oh I don't know he went out this morning and I've not seen him since. So.... how are things?

How did I answer that I wasn't too sure myself!

Slowly I guess but I prefer it that way. He's quite a gentleman once you get to know him.

I know, Sarah nodded. He's one of those kind of old fashioned gentlemen, likes to take his time getting to know someone although you know what some men are when Spring comes around.

Ah I knew what she was referring to all that business a little while ago with the lighter Naughty Twin when he acting in well shall we say in less than a gentlemanly way.

Better to get it right than fast she said. OMG that's exactly what daddy says, well I've heard that from two sources so I guess I am going to head that advice.

We then spent the next 10 minutes or so just chewing the cud getting to know each other. She really is a lovely little cat so gentle with a real kindness emitting from her, genuine concern and care for people. We could have gone on a lot longer but I heard a barking coming up the path and knew River and daddy were home so we said our goodbyes and with that Sarah was off.

Where is George?