Saturday 2 March 2013

I Stood On The Spot Frozen

I was out here all on my own in the middle of the Carpet of Purple waiting for some...any...sign of movement around me but none. I wasn't too sure of the time but in any circumstance I'm punctual and I must have been sitting here at least 15 minutes.

I was too nervous to move myself this wasn't a situation I ever envisaged myself being in. It was certainly not a comfortable position. Silence now all around me spoke loud in it's hush after the buzz of the day.

I looked at the Hedgehog and Catmandont my only company.

The Carpet of Purple yes legendary indeed. I had heard of this before I ever came to this place all cats have. It can pop up in one place or another like magic and moves about at will. It can even be in different places at the same time, more a phenomenon that a plant. It has it's own history and mystery that we don't really understand. It's mesmerising when in full bloom and that is it's danger.

The Carpet of Purple has a hypnotic spell look at it you can just end up being pulled in lost in thoughts perfectly still. Hence the Hedgehog and Catmandont's predicament.

Oh I really must pull myself together I couldn't stay here getting lost in thoughts. I had a date to keep and it seems I'm all on my own in this one.

I wasn't sticking around here talking to myself. I must come away before I end up sitting here getting more and more drawn into what was happening or more to the point what wasn't happening. No one was coming to rescue me from my solitude.

I slowly walked away leaving the peace of the garden behind me.

I was feeling thirsty and went to find some clean water to drink. I found some and had a little drink feeling much more comfortable now I'd moved away from that place.

Just as I was thinking of which direction I should take now I heard a sound beside me.

Did that Buddha just speak to me? I must be tired I'm hearing things now!