Wednesday, 27 March 2013

In My Unmentionables

We've just had another moment River and I.

I came down and saw daddy was sitting watching something on the television and I thought I'd pop over to say hello and get a stroke. Low and behold as soon as I turn up so did River, her nose right in my unmentionables I know it's a full moon tonight but that's just taking the mick.

Oh goodness it was a shock so much so that I didn't say anything just jumped right over daddy. He grabbed River so she didn't come no nearer and I thought sod it I want a stroke I'm sticking around.

She just sat there looking at me but she didn't look like she was going to attack me again and to be fair respect to her for managing to get so close so quietly, almost catlike now that takes skill and you gotta admire that.

I was getting my stroke, River was settled and daddy was explaining she was still just a baby learning things and I should understand. Fair play so I said hello to her. She blinked.

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