Sunday 10 March 2013

The Thing About A Date

The thing about a date is that it gives you an excellent chance to find out about each other without rushing into things and that's exactly what last night was about.

George is a very interesting character, he comes across as all very strong and independent and at times aloof but there's another side to him that you don't get to see unless you spend time quietly observing. He tries to hide behind bluster and an air of confidence but beyond the facade he's really a very sensitive soul.

He cares a lot about those around him that much I already knew but the depth of his caring astounded me. Little things he told me touched me deeply, how he worries about others so much that at times it must exhaust him. About the qualities he admires in others, truthfulness and honestly and that ability to stand up for yourself without needing to shout and create a fuss.

He's got a confidence about him and yet at the same time a deep vulnerability, a cat with apparent conflicting ideals and yet without a doubt I believed that he was telling me the truth and his generous heart shone out.

He displayed great manners and grace and didn't try to push his luck with a kiss or anything but the sparkle that flashed across his eyes a few times when he looked at me spoke volumes. At one point as we sat and talked  a comet flew by and I forgot that it was a date at all, we just watched it pass chatting like we were old old friends, no nerves just comfort. It felt right.

Oh yes last night was a success and I hope to repeat it again. I'm so glad we both gave each other another chance but as daddy says slowly slowly catchy monkey, so we shall see what happens next.