Tuesday 5 March 2013


Sometimes River and I seem to have moments where we just get each other. We've just had one of those.

Ok so she'd chased me around the living room floor for the past ten minutes.

I went on the table, River jumped up at the table.

I went up by daddy in the window, River does her little shuffle routine along nannies chair to ease herself towards me.

I jump on the other sofa, River jumps on the other sofa. I'm still to have a proper word with the daddies about teaching her that little trick.

Then all of a sudden as I jumped up onto the stairs River just sat down very quietly at the bottom watching me.

OK my catty powers and the fact that she wasn't making so much as the tiniest movement brought forward the conclusion to me that we were about to have a moment.

We both just sat there looking at each other in total peace for ages. When I was sure that she wasn't going to try and play with me I got up and walked straight past her.

Phew no movement from River. My next task? To reclaim the floor!

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