Wednesday 13 March 2013

Three or Four Swipes

Tensions are kicking off early in Catworld today.

Sarah and the lighter Naughty Twin have just had a fight and from what I gather all over nothing.

Disappears fly has seemed to have shifted itself and he's disappeared off. Stay came back in played with River for a few minutes and then went up to our office. 

I joined him but he wouldn't let me settle on his lap and so I took my place on the ledge looking out and that's when I spotted them.

The lighter Naughty Twin was sitting on Twizzle and Mogsie's pathway facing the garage, Sarah was on the step. It didn't look like there was any tension but looks can be deceptive. Sarah gently walked up to the lighter Naughty Twin who spotted her and instantly turned around and swiped out at her. Three or four swipes at each other later and the lighter Naughty Twin ran off.

This is so unusual especially for Sarah she's usually the peace keeper around her but I don't blame her for defending herself. I wonder why they've fallen out?