Saturday 9 March 2013

Should I Bring A Bottle Of Wine?

I'm still fuming over my earlier accusations and needed to get away from daddy to calm down so I went outside to have some space.

Um well the weather is OK today the rains stopped and it's fairly clement. I went up to see how the Carpet of Purple was doing. The answer very nicely it should be coming to full bloom in the next week or so.

I then did something I don't do much and ventured out the side to see how the little plants are doing out there and came across George sitting on the pathway fair gave me a bit of a start.

He said he'd been waiting for me.

Well my pulse began to pick up speed. What was this about? 

He said he just wanted to check that I was still on for tonight.

Phew for a second I thought he was going to cancel.

Luckily us cats don't have the same sort of problems with dates that a lot of humans have such as what to wear or should I bring a bottle of wine?

We are much more concerned about someone actually turning up and after me blowing him out last time I guess it's a fair question. I will give myself a proper clean though before I meet him later I want to look my best.